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Which Body Part Has The Most Fat How To Deal With It!

There are six types of obesity and body fat distribution differs from person to person. To find out which body part has the most fat and how can obesity be prevented, read this article.

1. Obesity from food

The most common problem-obesity from food, caused by large amounts of food and sugars intake can be solved if you:

change your diet
reduce the amount of food
eliminate sugars
exercise minimum 30 minutes a day
2. Gluten obesity

Women who go through menopause and women with impaired imbalance are most likely to have this type of obesity. Exclude the prolonged sitting, smoking and alcohol and include exercises with weights.
3. Obesity caused by“nervous stomach“

Conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression are the main causes of this type of obesity. The best choice for reducing the stress is doing more physical activities.

4. Metabolic obesity

This type of obesity is manifested with bloated stomach like balloon and people who drink alcohol, have psychological or breathing problems are most likely to have such problem.

5. Obesity caused by venous circulation This type of obesity is inherited and affects the pregnant women and people who suffer from swollen legs. Doing exercises like running and climbing stairs helps solving this problem.

6. Obesity from inactivity

Physical inactivity and long periods without food that leads to accelerating the metabolism and burning fat deposits quickly are the main causes of this type of obesity.

We sincerely hope that this advises will improve your health and lifestyle.

source: naturalhealthcareforyou.com

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