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What Eating Pork Does to the Body

Pork is forbidden in some religions because this meat is considered unclean. It’s a fact that pigs are quite versatile when it comes to what they eat, simply because they eat anything they are offered. They can even eat feces and other spoiled foods as well.

Pigs take approximately 4 hours to digest the food they’ve eaten, which is insufficient time for toxins to be eliminated from their digestive system. What happens next is that these toxins are deposited in the fat cells and the pig’s organs.  In fact, there are so many parasites found in pigs, and all of these can be directly transmitted to humans.


According to a study conducted by Consumer Reports, 69% of pork tested for presence of Yersinia erteroclitica, a very dangerous microorganism, was positive.  In humans this will cause fever, cramps, vomiting, and other symptoms.  The study also found that ground pork was the worst for consumption.

The pork examined in the study was also tested for ractopamine, a feed additive to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat, and is banned in both China and Europe. All the meat samples were positive.
The most common parasites found in pork include:

  • Taenia solium, an intestinal parasite that triggers loss of appetite and infects healthy tissue,
  • Menangle infection, which causes fevers, chills, and migraineswhile sweating, and
  • Trichinella, a roundworm that can cause not only fever, but edema, myalgia, and malaise hepatitis E.

The most important thing about preparing pork is that it’s cooked well. For this, it’s best to use a meat thermometer in order to ensure that the meat is fully cooked.

It’s also good to know that pork should be cooked at a minimum of 145 degrees F (pork tenderloin) or 160 degrees (ground pork).  Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly when preparing raw pork. Also, always buy pork that hasn’t been treated with chemicals or medications.

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