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Warning: Shocking Toxic Chemicals Found In Teas

This article will reveal a simple, but terrifying truth about teas, which shows that drinking cheap tea can be the same treat as consuming junk food.

As it seems, most conventional tea brands such as Tazo, Tetley, Twinings, Celestial Seasonings,Lipton, Allegro, Teavana, Bigelow, Republic of Tea, Tea Forte, Yogi, Mighty Leaf, Trader Joe’s, contain considerably high levels of toxic substances, such as fluoride and pesticides.


This is not a claim about calcium fluoride, which is a natural element. In this case, it was shown that these teas contain synthetic fluoride, which is a toxic by product. Its level is dangerously high to the point of being considered unsafe.

Tea contains Fluoride and Pesticides

Most teas contain pesticide residues, mainly as a result of not being washed before being dried. Some tea brands, and those claimed pesticide free or organic are not the exception, have recently been found to contain pesticides that are known carcinogens.

What is more horrifying, their quantities are above the US and EU limits! In illustration, some brands of cheap tea contain nearly 7 parts per million (ppm) and the allowed level of fluoride is 4 ppm.

The journal of Food Research International has published a study which found that cheaper blends contain enough fluoride to put people under the risk of many illnesses such as kidney problems, bone tooth and even cancer. In fact, fluoride gets into your bones and accumulates in your body. It stays there for years.

How did fluoride become part of tea content?

The tea plant accumulates fluoride as it grows, which means that the old leaves contain the most fluoride. Cheaper quality teas are often made from old leaves that contain more fluoride than the young ones. Additionally, these cheaper brands use smaller leaves which contain more fluoride.

Is it the same with decaffeinated tea?

Interestingly, but decaffeinated tea showed higher fluoride levels than caffeinated tea.

However, the solution is far different from quitting the tea consumption for good!

Initially, even though bagged tea might seem convenient and ready to go, it is often made from low quality leaves which certainly contain more fluoride. So, make sure to buy loose leaf tea and brew your tea from scratch, by yourself.

Make sure you always choose white tea, since it has the least amount of fluoride. And another thing you should take into consideration: buy organic tea, since the methods for cultivation are more sophisticated and conscious. They might even use purified water for the soil.

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