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The Ultimate Hair Schedule Every Woman Should Follow

trong, shiny, lustrous, silky and smooth are the most desired hair characteristics for any woman.  And it is not a herculean task to achieve, provided you follow a carefully thought out and well planned hair schedule. Just remember that results may not be instantaneous, it will take time, but it is well worth the wait! Below is the ultimate hair schedule every woman should follow:

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo. And do not wash your hair everyday.

If your hair is thick and oily, wash it everyday. And gradually increase the time gap between the washes. Washing hair everyday will result in hair thinning down. So don’t wash until you feel the hair getting weighed down.

A lot of people with thin hair wash it everyday. And to add to the already thinning hair, they use shampoos and conditioners too! Experts say that while conditioners make combing of unmanageable hair easy, it weighs down the hair leading to more hair loss. If you must use conditioners, then alternate them with shampoos every week!

Shampoos that are mild should be opted for.

Deep condition your hair. And it needn’t be as often or as expensive as you may believe it to be!

Deep conditioning adds lustre, nourishes your hair from within and strengthens it from the roots. You needn’t use expensive deep conditioning treatments. Instead try a few deep conditioning with items available at home!

Follow this deep conditioning method once in four to five weeks

In a bowl break one egg, add one mashed avocado, one ripe mashed banana and yoghurt. All these are extremely nutritious and contain vitamins and minerals that will condition and add a glow to your hair. Mix well. Apply it to your hair, massaging it to your scalp and spreading it evenly over your head and all strands till the tips. Pile it all up on your head and cover with a shower cap or polythene. Wash off after half an hour.

Get a hair cut once in two months

Hair cuts need not be to chop off the length. If you have short hair, a hair cut will ensure that the look is maintained. If you have long hair, a hair cut will ensure that the layers and style are maintained. Also, a good hair cut will ensure that you don’t have splits which indicate that your hair is damaged and need to be repaired.

Regular head massage once a week

Head massages, be it a dry massage or with oil, is a must. They not only improve blood circulation to all the roots, they also strengthen your hair and improve the quality of hair growth.

Ensure that your hair is not tangled when you begin. If you are using oil, warm it up for a few minutes. Using a cotton dab that is dipped in this oil, begin at the centre of your head drawing a line till your forehead, partitioning your hair into two halves. Repeat from the same spot to the back of your head. Evenly partition the remaining portion and apply oil similarly covering your entire scalp. Gently begin massaging with your fingertips in clock wise and anti-clockwise motion. Apply steam to your hair using a vaporizer or use a hot tub with water to generate steam. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and wash off after half an hour.

Protect your hair

One of the most easiest ways to protect your hair is to use a satin or silk cover over your hair before you sleep. This avoids the hair getting stuck in tangles in the pillowcase and the cotton from draining hair off its moisture. Your hair will remain soft and moisturised when you wake up.

Beauty comes from within

Consuming foods rich in protein, iron, vitamins -A, C and E, zinc and omega 3 will help your hair grow out naturally strong and healthy.

  • If your hair is brittle, dry and weak you must consume protein rich food such as eggs, chicken, turkey, diary products, legumes and nuts.
  • If you are experiencing heavy hair loss, incorporate iron in your diet in the form of red meat, fish, lentils and green leafy vegetables.
  • Vitamin C aids in iron absorption and strengthening of hair roots which can be obtained through kiwi, oranges, lemon, papaya, blackcurrant, blueberries, guavas.
  • Lack of vitamin A might cause dry and itchy scalp. Consume carrots, pumpkins and sweet potatoes.
  • To protect your hair from the harsh rays of sun, consume nuts which are a source of Vitamin E and zinc.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids which keep the hair moisturised and hydrated aren’t produced by the body, they must be procured in the form of salmon, avocado, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.
Daily protection from dust and pollution

While you step out from the shade and into a world of dust and pollution, ensure that your hair is covered in a scarf. The dust settles on the hair and causes your hair to become sticky and dull. Long exposure to the sun also damages your pretty long locks.

And if you use any protective headgear while travelling, use a scarf to secure your hair before putting the helmet on.

Use the right tools and accessories as part of your daily routine

If you are using an iron curler or straightener, ensure that you are using water based gels or oil based moisturisers respectively.

Avoid stressing your hair by using sharp metal clips or tight bands to secure them in place. Tension causes the hair to get brittle and causes them to break.

Touch up for your roots

If you have greys or have your hair coloured, you will have to touch up your roots once in every six weeks. If you have too much greys, then you’d have to go for it once in a four weeks, because as new hair grows, it shows at the roots making your hair look untidy.

If you’re only getting highlights once in four months is recommended. Since, the highlights would have lost its original colour, you can then experiment with new highlights. Going earlier may result in highlighting the previous colour with a new one, hence mixing the colours that might end up making it look extremely weird.

Stick to the routine

Schedule these into your daily routine and stick to it. When it comes to hair, more often than not, one does not give so much importance as normally done for the skin.

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