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The Poison In Your Mouth – Remove Amalgam Tooth Sealants!

Amalgam is a product for the restoration of damaged teeth caries used for many years, and fillings made of amalgam are known as “silver fillings”.

Despite the well-known fact that contain 50% mercury, in most countries of the world are still considered safe for health.

Moreover, many dentists give them an advantage because they are mechanically resistant and twice as durable than the white dental fillings. One of the advantages of amalgam fillings is in their price, which means that are available to anyone.

However, at what cost?

Doctor Hal Huggins, the most famous dentist who first began exposing the truth about the deadly fillings, and therefore came into conflict with his entire profession, believes that even the smallest amount of mercury in the human body is very dangerous. He took the example of human eggs, which if for a moment comes into contact with mercury, loses its ability to bind to the wall of the uterus even if the fertilization was successful. “Removethe silver filling and you will be healed of many diseases,” says Huggins.

The largest amount of inhaled mercury accumulates in the kidneys. Long term inhalation of small amounts of mercury leads to nerve damage. Comes to shaking of the fingers, in serious cases so pronounced that interferes with the working ability. The shaking engages on thetongue also and the speech becomes unintelligible. Mercury poisoning causes salivation, swelling of the gums and teeth falling out.Not only that mercury is poisoning our bodies but it is hallucinogenic, carcinogenic and creates leukemia and DNA mutation. Mercury kills every living thing in us including viruses and bacteria, are therefore of the Middle Ages was used to treat syphilis, but the way people are transformed into mentally unstable and ill persons, such treatment was used until the discovery of penicillin. All those who are exempt from amalgam seals and decide to undergo detoxification, usually suffer from subsequent infection and inflammation.The excreting of the mercury is a long process, andwe recommend vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

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