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The Cheapest and Most Effective Ways to Permanently Get Rid of Ants

The battle against ants usually starts in the spring, but in the summer dealing with these pesky pests becomes a real challenge. Many of these products probably can be found in your home without knowing that they can put an end to all your problems.

The Cheapest and Most Effective Ways to Permanently Get Rid of Ants

1. Adhesive tape

It is easy to prevent the ant army with a little help from the duct tape. Find the place where they enter from and the place where they go and put a duct tape. It will surely help.

2. Boric acid

It can be found in form of powder. In 2 dl of water, mix 3 tablespoons of boric acid and 3 tablespoons of sugar. Take a cotton ball and dip it into this liquid, and then apply on places where the ants appear. Sugar will attract and boric acid will destroy them.

3. Flour

Ants don’t love white wheat flour, so it’s a great product against ants. Sprinkle flour over room edges in which they appear. Another product that will destroy them is the corn flour. This type of flour ants consume but cannot digest it, so it will kill them.

4. Flowerpots

If you have ants in the yard, one of the most effective ways to get rid of them is with the help of an ordinary pot. Cover the ant mound with a pot turned upside down and through the small holes, pour two liters of boiling water. This is the most efficient way to destroy their home.

5. Citrus

To destroy all the ants you don’t need dangerous insecticides. It is enough just to use lemon or orange, whose scent ants cannot tolerate. To chase away ants spray the edges of the windows and the door of the apartment or house with lemon juice. Another way to kill them is with mashed orange peel and a cup of hot water, which should be slowly poured into the ant mound.

6. Pepper

Ants are looking for sugar, and you surprise them with black pepper. Put pepper in places where they gather and where they go. In this way you will send them a message that there is no sugar in the area.

7. Spices

Besides sugar ants love ground pepper as well. So, another effective way to permanently get rid of these pests is to place a laurel leaf in the bowl in which you keep peppers. A similar trick can be performed with sugar, but you should be careful because sugar can absorb the smell of laurel. Inside the kitchen cabinets put small bags with sage, laurel and cinnamon – ants cannot bear the smell.

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