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Test Finds Human DNA in Hot Dogs and Many More…

10% of vegetarian products actually contain meat

Most people occasionally enjoy a good hot dog, with their favorite additives (ketchup and mustard), although researchers repeatedly warn about its suspicious content. However, after research conveyed by the company Clear Food, we are sure that many will stop consuming this delicious snack.

Test Finds Human DNA in Hot Dogs and Many More…

Experts’ and nutritionists’ warnings do not prevent people to enjoy in delicious hot dog with the questionable content in it. It turns out that those warnings are true.
Clear Food company whose purpose is to examine the foods we consume daily, and determine how it really is safe and nutritional, analyzed 345 Hot Dogs and 75 different brands sold by various manufacturers. The results were disturbing.

The study showed that 14.4% of the tested products had some hygienic issues. Some of the tested hot dogs do not contain all the ingredients listed on the label, while some had meats that are not included in the composition of the product.

In addition, some 10% of the vegetarian products actually contained meat.

Now you probably feel deceived. However, things are even worse.

When it comes to hygiene problems, even 2% of Hot Dogs contain human DNA! It may be a small percentage, but many people would agree that they do not want to take such a risk- their hot dog to belong in those 2%.

Obviously the list of ingredients on the label is not something reliable when it comes to meat processing.

Are you ready to quit consuming hot dogs completely or you do not eat them already ?

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