Instant results and quick-fixes Americans adore the most. However, most of us have started to realize that this speed to get everything done is consequently causing health issues. For the current situation, the hazards are due to vitamin supplements.


Millions of people take these supplements to counterbalance an unhealthy diet. We blindly consume them, without realizing that there is no presence of proven scientific evidence of these supplements being healthy. Contrarily, evidence is found that taking of vitamins in this manner may increase cancer risk by 56%!

Sadly Big Pharma would never alert you about this situation. As it is a $30 billion annual business.

Is it advisable to consume the POPPING PILLS?

From 80s, researches have concluded that vitamin supplements results in a poor health condition, primary due to the reason that it may cause to overdo the suggested vitamins’ consumption.

    • Having higher amount of beta-carotene than the recommended dosage may increase risk on lung cancer by 20%.
    • A research carried out during 2001-2014 with 35,000 Americans concluded that vitamin E over dose raise 17% prostate cancer threat.
    • Folic acid supplements and vitamin are consume by people to decrease colon and heart disease. But it may result in causing colon cancer if taken in higher amount than daily recommended.

What’s the reason of us taking these supplements if they possess such a high threat?

In a survey, namely National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, held from 2007-2010, 45% off 12,000 adults claimed that these multivitamins help n improving their health condition. 33% of them believed that these would help maintaining it, while only 23% had them because their doctor prescribed.

The fact worth concerning about these conclusions is that the adults who were surveyed already had a well-balanced diet. Which depicts that they already had their recommended vitamin dosage through their diet, hence the multivitamins were only causing over dosage.

Vitamins must be taken in the natural way

Good diet has no substitute. Our bodies are not built to consume vitamins in the form of supplements. The best possible way to get the recommended dose of vitamins is through proper diet. Check out these fantastic sources that can replace vitamin supplements:

    • Folic acid can be found in green veggies such as from broccoli.
    • Almonds and kale are great sources of vitamin E, which boost immunity.
    • Mangoes and carrots can decrease heart problems because it has beta-carotene.
    • It’s not more of the quantity that matters in case of vitamins. If one already take proper diet then these multivitamins will only put them under risk of cancer and other diseases.


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