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Sock Treatments: The Old Recipes which Cure Various Diseases!!!!

Those who have listened to their grandmothers are surely familiar with these recipes. Learn how with the help of socks, a few vegetables and fruits you can successfully lower the body temperature and fight colds.

There are several ways for which many claim that are successful against high temperatures, especially in children. It is proven that our grandmothers have used these therapies with socks to lower high body temperature.

Sock Treatments The Old Recipes which Cure Various Diseases!!!!


Cut the potatoes into slices or grate them, put the slices on your feet and then put on your socks so the feet are well warmed. Potatoes can also be combined with apple vinegar. Mix some vinegar and the grated potatos, put the mixture in cotton socks, and put on the socks. Wrap the legs in a warm blanket and wait for a few hours or overnight.
Flour and egg white

Make a mixture of corn flour and alcohol vinegar (you will need a thick mixture). Put the mixture on the feet soles,  wrap your feet in cotton cloth, and put on cotton socks.

To lower the temperature, you can use the egg white as well. Beat it, soak a cotton cloth in it and put it over your feet. Put on socks and leave them on for a few hours.


You will need  two to four lemons. Wash them well and then squeeze them. In the liquid, soak a cotton cloth and wrap it around your feet. Over the cloth, put  on cotton socks. Make sure that you are well warmed; especially feet and then you must lie still at least an hour. After 30 minutes you will feel relieved and the compress on the feet will be almost dry. Repeat the process especially overnight. The next day the tempe

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