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Simple Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar To Keep Your Body Happy And Healthy

Apple cider vinegar has always been heralded as a naturally healthy way to keep your body in balance. With so many chemicals being forced into our food these days, the simple ingredients found within this alternative has gotten a lot of people to sing its praises over the years.

While the positive effects of apple cider vinegar are well known, the woman in this video gives an informative explanation of some of the most important things you can use this secret of nature for. From conditioning your hair every night to clearing up any acne, she lets you know exactly how to correctly use this miracle from nature to its best abilities.

Some research shows that drinking apple cider vinegar can even help you lose weight. Helping to increase your metabolism she shows us how to make a helpful drink at the 2:30 mark!

The vinegar also helps balance out the acidity within our bodies. In our modern day society we’ve really increased our intake of sugars, sweets, and highly acidic foods. The ingredients within apple cider vinegar help to balance everything out, make sure to check out her simple recipe for an incredibly tasty (and healthy) salad dressing at the 5:05 mark of this video.

Have you ever used apple cider vinegar before? If so, what brand do you like to use? Please let us know in the comments below!

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