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Signs That Indicate Your Body Is Too Acidic And How To Fix It Fast

Having an acidic diet can lead to many health problems, imbalances in the body and potential dangerous illness.  Our bodies need to work at an optimal pH level to survive in a strong and healthy manner.

pH stands for Potential Hydrogen.  It measures the concentration of hydrogen-ions in the body fluids.  The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.  Body fluids with a high pH level are richer in oxygen and more alkaline.  Lower pH levels are less oxygenated and more acidic. 7 is regarded as neutral pH

These are the ideal pH levels of the body fluids:

• Saliva pH = 7.0-7.5

• Blood pH = 7.35-7.45

• Urine pH = 4.6-8.0

When these are unbalanced, or too high, there are several health risks.

Problems caused by acidity

Set out below are some of the problems that can be caused by a body that is too acidic.


If our bodies are too acidic they cannot get rid of the waste.  The kidneys, colon, skin and lymph become overworked with the stream of toxins from the surplus acid and cannot get rid of it. The acid then gets sent to the fat tissues where it attaches itself to the fat cells.

Poor dental health

Our teeth and mouths feel the effect of an alkaline body.


If there is excess acid in a body, the body will try to alkalize itself to prevent illness. It does this to the detriment of our bones and our teeth.  The body pulls calcium from our teeth, so while it may temporarily cure some problems, it causes new ones.

A poor diet, or one rich in sweet food and drinks, exasperates the production of lactic acid in the mouth.  This causes cavities, the second dental problem of acidity.

And when our mouth feel the effects of acidity in the body, our gums and teeth become extra sensitive and especially painful when drinking hot or cold drinks.  That is the third dental problem.

And then, cavities and bleeding gums are common.

Weak bones

In the same way the body tries to protect itself by taking calcium from teeth, the body does exactly the same with the bones.  When there is too much acid the body will try keep it alkaline and will pull calcium from the bones and minerals from the organs and tissues to minimize and alkalize the acidity.  Calcium is one of those minerals.  When the body uses up the bones calcium reserves, the bones become weak.

This leads to osteoporosis or osteopenia and people can break or fracture bones easily.  They should cut coffee, fizzy drinks, beef and any acidic foods from their diet.

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