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Say Goodbye to Belly Fat: 5 Kg Less In Only 3 Days!

How many times you felt desperate because of your belly fat and you just couldn`t keep on trying? After so many different unsuccessful diets you even tried starving until you almost fainted.Well, we have a great solution for you. A natural juice made of parsley stems, one lemon and 2 dl water, will make your body fit and perfect.Say Goodbye to Belly Fat 5 Kg Less In Only 3 Days!
Cut the parsley in smallest pieces ( blender would be the best option) and then add the mixture to the lemon juice and the water. It is really important to drink this juice in the morning on empty stomach, freshly prepared and only for 5 days. After that, make a pause for about 10 days.
Parsley is rich with vitamins ( A,B, C) which improve the work of the digestive system and boosts up the metabolism. Apart from losing weight, parsley helps with menstrual problems, detoxicates the organism and has a positive effect on heart function.

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