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Put Little Bit Of This Mixture Under Your Tongue Every Evening Before Going To Bed

The effect of a mixture made of sugar and salt is magical. By consuming these ingredients, you will have a peaceful sleep, life without headaches and better and improved immunity.
Sugar and salt – Perhaps this combination is not the most popular, but if you have a problem with frequent insomnia it will surely help up overcome it. These two ingredients will most likely be harmful to the overall health if consumed in larger quantities, but with moderate intake excellent results can be achieved:

– Headache elimination

– Insomnia elimination

– Strengthening of the immune system

The increased level of serotonin from these substances has pronounced anti-stress effects.

Try the following recipe

Ingredients needed:

– 1 teaspoon of sea salt

– 5 teaspoons of brown sugar670px-Get-Rid-of-Bumps-on-Your-Tongue-Step-11

The ration between sea salt and sugar should be 1:5. Mix the two ingredients and put the resulting mixture in a glass jar.

Way of use:

In the evening, before you go to sleep take a small amount of the mixture and place it under the tongue. Allow the ingredients to gradually dissolve in the mouth. Sodium from the salt allows breathing of the cells and assists in the production of energy.

In addition, both are powerful ingredients when it comes to combating stress, which disturbs the balance of metabolism and prevents relaxation during the night.

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