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The Only Playlist Perfect for Both HIIT and Meditation


During SHAPE’s first-ever Facebook Live just earlier this week, fans, followers, and Holly devotees were begging for the trainer’s playlist. “Playlist was off the chain,” exclaimed one viewer, Maisha. We totally agree with you, girl! “Love the energy, music, and awesomeness,” said another Facebook-er, Mona.

Well, as Rilinger promised at the end of the stream, she’s sharing her expertly curated playlist with the SHAPE and FITNESS family. (Did you miss our broadcast and even work out with us—and  from the Shape Squad (and Fitness Fam) coming to a laptop or smartphone near you.)

Rilinger’s song choices match perfectly for the flow of her newly designed class, LIFTED, which was developed as a total mind-body experience. During the hour-long class you’ll not only train those hard-working muscles (your heart included), but you’ll also train your mind. Five minutes of guided meditation kick off the class, followed by 30 minutes of non-stop heart rate pumping HIIT work. After you’re good and sweaty (and breathing heavy), you’ll take it back down for another five minutes of meditation, and few more strength-training moves, and end it all with an all out sprint for your life. We were fascinated by this combo, so we asked the pro

Download the playlist now and pair it with Rilinger’s class (no excuses if you aren’t in NYC—that’s what this video is here for) for a workout that checks everything at the door. Your worries, problems, and self-doubt have no place in this Lifted experience

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