The Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency, And How To Take The Perfect Dose


What’s not to love about magnesium? The mineral juices every cell in the body and has a hand in more than 300 biochemical reactions. Subtract it from the bodily equation and nerves stutter, insulin goes haywire, and the heart’s steadfast beat loses its rhythm. And that’s only the half of …

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10 Simple Tricks To Boost Immune System And Fight Off Colds


Unless you live in a plastic bubble, you can’t seal yourself away from all germs in life. They’re everywhere—especially this time of year. Your best bet to stay healthy is to strengthen your immune system so it can defeat any microscopic invaders before they lay siege. But if you took …

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This Is Exactly How Much Coffee You Should Be Drinking Each Day


It’s a hot summer afternoon, and the benches outside my local Starbucks are packed with people who share the craving that brought me here: iced coffee. I prefer my coffee hot, but in July, adding ice turns it into the perfect summer refreshment. Still, the more I drink—and I do …

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4 Simple Ways To Ease Stress In An Hour Or Less


Wouldn’t it be great if someone followed you around all day and tapped you on the shoulder whenever you were about to become stressed—a gentle reminder to take a moment to breathe and relax? You may find that reminder in biofeedback. An effective, high-tech approach to stress management, biofeedback uses …

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Simple Step By Step Guide To Make A Power Detox Kombucha


People either love kombucha tea or hate it, but either way, they can’t deny the brew’s healthfulness. Not to be confused with the Japanese kombucha—a light, brothy soup made from kelp—this Russian drink is a sweet tea fermented with friendly bacteria and yeast cultures. Acids in the tea give it …

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The Facts On Leaky Gut Syndrome, And How To Tell If You Have It


Three years ago, Sandy Schottenheimer was, she says, “living on ibuprofen.” Her work as a computer programmer left her with severe carpal tunnel syndrome, and doctors recommended drugstore anti-inflammatories to dull the pain. “I popped them like crazy, usually three or four at a time, and often on an empty …

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5 Powerful Herbal Alternatives To Cure Hemorrhoids


Actually a type of varicose vein, hemorrhoids develop when veins in the lower rectum or anus become inflamed and swollen from trauma or too much internal pressure. We most often hear about them in relation to constipation and pregnancy, but they also result from anal intercourse, high blood pressure, venous …

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5 Traditional Chinese Practices To Cure Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Can Traditional Chinese Medicine help me? By Jake Paul Fratkin, OMD, LAc Regardless of Western medical terminology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) characterizes all illnesses as imbalances of organ function or poor circulation of qi (pronounced chi), or energy, and blood in the body’s channels. …

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Two Herbs To Instantly Boost Energy Without Caffeine Or Artificial Supplements


Walk into any health food store these days, and it’s clear we’re in the midst of an energy crisis. Not the one that’s got TV pundits yakking about high gas prices and dependence on Mideast oil—this crisis is even closer to home, located in our very cells: Way too many …

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The Health Benefits Of A Detoxifying (and relaxing!) Bath


In heated little rooms, Finns gave birth, American Indians experienced spiritual cleansing, and the Romans scrubbed their bodies after a tough day building the empire. We know them as saunas and steam baths, Middle Easterners call them hammam, and the Russians love their banya—all hot boxes that serve to ease …

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