A New Drug Lowers Risk of Heart Attack and Cancer

Myocarditis. Light micrograph of human cardiac muscle with chronic myocarditis (inflammation). In this longitudinal section, muscle fibres run diagonally (purple). Abnormal features are a loss of organisation of the muscle fibres which are normally closely spaced, with the spaces between fibres (white, blue) representing oedema. There are neutrophils (white blood cells, purple dots) infiltrating the oedematous areas, as an early inflammatory response and to prevent infection. Chronic myocarditis is caused by rheumatic fever and virus infections, with enlargement of the heart. Magnification: x50 at 35mm size.

turns out that cholesterol isn’t the only thing you have to worry about to keep your heart healthy. In recent years, doctors have started to focus on inflammation — the same process that makes cuts red and painful — as an important contributor to a heart attack. It’s the reason doctors recommend low-dose …

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How to Grow Long Healthy Hair Fast Naturally at Home

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Hair play an important role in our beauty. Imagine a person specially a woman without hair? Oh! how she will look like? Man without hair are also not attracted by others, that’s why men and women try to take full care of their hair. So in order to attract others …

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Homemade Teeth Whitening Tips and Remedies


White teeth not only improve your personality but also make your smile more beautiful, attractive and effective. If your teeth are yellow, they always dim your smile as well as the overall look of your personality. Yellow teeth are caused by aging or consuming tooth staining foods and drinking such as …

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Beauty Tips For Teenage Girls and Boys


Teenage is the age in which a human being experiences the nature physically and mentally. The term teenage is referred to the word adolescence. The period of teenage is experienced between puberty and adulthood. This age is the most sensitive period for any male or female because in this age …

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Beauty Tips, Secrets and Remedies For Men and Women at Home


Beauty is a huge topic liked by everyone who wants to look smart, younger and attractive. It is observed globally that people don’t have time to take care of their health and beauty. Women spend more time on makeup and other beauty gaining activities than men. There are thousands of …

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Quick and Easy Makeup Tips and Tricks For Men and Women

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Time is precious for all of us and no one wants to waste time everyday in front of the mirror. Women in Asia especially in Pakistan and India spend a lot of time in preparing for parties, going to school, college, universities or offices. Even when they have to go …

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Skin Glowing and Fairness Homemade Tips For Men and Women

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If you take good care of your health and diet you will have a beautiful and glowing skin. In the condition of your skin heredity, diet and the environment play an important part. But good skin care routine is also very important. To improve your skin and prevent it from …

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Beauty Tips For Dry Skin Summer Season


Everyone in the world is very touchy about the skin and tries to do some thing to make his/her skin look fresh and young all the time. For that they have to face some problems regarding skin caring. One of them is Dry skin. Dry skin is a scratchy form …

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Hair Fall or Hair Loss Tips and Treatment at Home For Men and Women

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Hair styles are the most important factor for our best appearance. If you have long, thick hair your personality will look inspiring to others. But if you have some problems related to your hair you will lose your confidence easily. One worse problem related to your hair is hair fall …

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Natural Health Tips For Our Daily Life


Life is beautiful, if you are healthy and health is everything. There is no substitute of health and a minor body problem or ailment disturb the whole life and cause many complications. Daily life needs a healthy and strengthen body that can accept whole challenges of the new world. Daily …

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