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Not Only the Smoke Bacon – These 40 Ingredients Cause Cancer!

The World Health Organization published that the ham, sausages and other processed meat products can cause cancer. That is why these days people are in doubt about some foods that they consume daily but actually have very harmful impact on the overall health.

Not Only the Smoke Bacon - These 40 Ingredients Cause Cancer!

The question is: is only fat so harmful, or there are some other foods that are far more harmful and whether there is one specific food which triggers cancer, or is it caused by numerous risks, primarily –way of life.

Usually people have problem to give up their everyday pleasures, so they quickly forget such warnings and advices.

Diseases, such as different types of tumors, represent a daily threat, and these ominous diseases are not triggered just by food.

In fact, there are many things, and WHO published a list of ingredients that can lead to such diseases. This is the list of 40 most important things which can cause cancer:

  1. Smoking cigarettes
  2. Solarium
  3. Places where solariums are produced
  4. Arsenic in water
  5. Places where the shoes are repaired and produced
  6. Cleaning drainpipes
  7. Fuel production
  8. Furniture production
  9. Ore
  10. Cigarette smoke
  11. Places where steel is produced
  12. Wall painting
  13. Blacktopping
  14. Tire manufacturing
  15. Natural mixture of aflatoxins
  16. Tar
  17. Diesel fuel
  18. Some herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine
  19. Polychlorobiphenyls – used for electrical equipment, from 1970 in many countries are banned
  20. Ash
  21. Electronic cigarettes
  22. Wood Dust
  23. Processed meat
  24. Asbestos
  25. Asbestos exposure
  26. Gasoline
  27. Beryllium and beryllium compounds
  28. Contraception, hormone-combined forms that contain estrogen
  29. Nonsteroidal estrogen
  30. Steroidal estrogens
  31. Ethanol in alcohol
  32. Hepatitis B
  33. Hepatitis C
  34. Polluted air
  35. Phosphor – 23

36 .Sun radiation

  1. Ultraviolet radiation

38. Gamma radiation

  1. Radium – 224 and its products
  2. Radium – 223 and its products

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