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New app aids early detection of skin cancer

A new health app, Firstcheck, allows people to get suspicious moles and freckles checked by skin specialists within 72 hours, with the aim to reduce New Zealand’s skin cancer rates.

Users can download the app for free, upload photos, then pay $19.95 per consultation.
Firstcheck is the first app of its kind to offer remote consultations carried out by local skin specialists, the company says.
Firstcheck has also released a ‘SkinScope’ lens, which lets you take high-quality 20x magnified photos, to submit through the app.
“The Firstcheck app reduces barriers like cost and accessibility,” co-founder Hayden Laird says in a press release.
“It’s a remote consultation with a specialist rather than a computer algorithm – we believe the best medical decisions are made with guidance from real doctors.”
Early detection is crucial to your chances of beating skin cancer, Mr Laird says.
The app is available from the App Store or Google Play


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