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Nature’s Strongest Antibiotic – Turmeric and Honey

Turmeric was traditionally used to treat skin diseases, liver diseases, wounds, joint pain, respiratory problems and digestive disorders. But the medicinal benefits of turmeric don’t end there. Research has proven that it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that help fight off different diseases.


This herb gets most of its powerful properties from the bioactive compound, curcumin. But most people don’t know why curcumin is so potent. Well, here are some of the abilities of this compound:

  • Research shows that curcumin can positively regulate over 160 physiological pathways.
  • Curcumin has also been found to affect over 700 genes in our bodies.
  • Curcumin also helps improves the order of cell membranes.
  • Research also shows that curcumin has a direct effect on histone, inflammatory molecules, cell survival proteins, DNA, and different carrier proteins and metal ions.

According to research curcumin can be therapeutic in the following conditions: autoimmune disorders, metabolic disease, inflammatory diseases, neurological disease, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, and lung diseases. This compound has also been proven to benefit people with Alzheimer’s.

Review papers also say that curcumin can fight any type of cancer. And this is partly due to the fact that it has the ability to affect different molecular pathways.

Well, the therapeutic properties of don’t end there. Curcumin is also an antimicrobial agent. It helps keep the digestive system healthy and lowers risk of diseases like ulcers and gastric cancer.

Curcumin is even more potent when it’s combined with honey. In fact, this combination is more powerful than prescription antibiotics. Raw organic honey has strong antibacterial properties.

This antibiotic will be able to fight inflammation, strengthen immune system, treat bacterial and fungal infections.

How to make turmeric honey recipe

What you need:

One tbsp. of turmeric powder

100 grams of raw organic honey

How to make it:

Just mix the ingredients in a glass jar and you’re good to go.

Take this mixture three times a day to fight off diseases and infections.

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