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If you plan to lose weight, this is an indispensable advice. In order to have in mind the foods that have 100 calories, here is a list of several ingredients with precisely these values.

Lose 100 Calories In Just 5 Minutes! (VIDEO)

Whenever you obstruct your diet for a few extra bites, we bring you the exercise that will help to burn a hundred calories in just five minutes. Healthy diets advise reduced food intake of 500 to 600 calories a day, which is also very important to know.
Popular snacks that are 100 calories:

    • Boiled egg and 1/4 slices of toast
    • 80 g of blackberry
    • 1/4 croissants
    • Apple and a handful of grapes
    • A ball of ice cream
    • 2 dl orange juice
    • 4 peaches
    • Half a glass of beer
    • Tablespoon of sunflower seeds
    • 27 g of strawberries

Average daily energy needs of men are between 2200 and 2500 kcal and for women 1800 to 2100 calories are “enough”. If you exercise regularly, you can afford even 3000-6000 calories if you are a man or 2500-4000 calories if you are a woman


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