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Kombucha – The Drink For EternityKombucha – The Drink For Eternity

What more can you ask than a glass full of vitamins, slightly-sour sensation, a little bit of carbon bubbles and many other nutrients for which your body will be grateful. Combucha is the perfect combination.

The tradition of drinking combucha is old 3000 years and originates from China or Japan. It was believed that this drink is a source of eternity. This drink was brought to Europe across Russia in 20th century.

What Is Combucha?

Combucha is made of tea, sugar and microorganisms. Nothing special, right? But when these microorganisms start to ferment the sugar, you get tea enriched with numerous vitamins, minerals, organic acids and other elements that are incredibly beneficial for your organism. So the key moment in combucha is that it is a fermented product rich in probiotics.

What Does Combucha Contain?

Combucha contains all the B vitamins, vitamin C, glycorone acid, lactic acid, ethanol, glucosamine, etc.

Which Are The Benefits Of Drinking Combucha?

The benefits of drinking combucha are many, like improving digestion, lowering weight, detoxifying, energizing, strengthening the immune system, regulating the acid-base balance and fight against arthritis.

Note: the recommended dose of this drink is 100 ml 3 times a day for two months, after which pause of 2 weeks is recommended.

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