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Japanese Reveal The Secret About Their Longevity and Slenderness

The Japanese are exposed to a lower risk of obesity and heart diseases than the citizens of almost all other countries throughout the world. Here’s why this is so…

The longevity of Japanese has intrigued scientists throughout the whole world for a long time. However, the Japanese claim that the secret lies in nothing else but in their everyday life habits.

Therefore, we are eager to reveal some of the habits to which the citizens of this Asian country keep:

  1. Do not exaggerate with food

The Okinawa Island is the place with the highest number of 100-year-old citizens who claim that the secret of their longevity is that they don’t satiate their hunger completely during meals.

Stop eating before you feel that you’re full. Thus, you will keep a slim figure and maintain your health.


  1. Eat sushi

This food is a very important source of omega-3-fatty acids, which are of great significance for brain function and heart health. Japanese eat about 80 to 100 grams of fish a day. Scientists believe that a diet rich in fish is one of the key factors due to which the citizens of this Asian country rarely have problems with a high level of cholesterol and heart diseases.

  1. Forget about dessert

At the end of a meal, Japanese drink a cup of green tea, unlike the citizens of other countries who love to have a dessert right after lunch.

Provided that you cannot live without desserts, you can eat one in the morning hours, together with a cup of coffee, but, of course, try not to exaggerate with their consumption. The reduction of dessert consumption will also lower your risk of developing high blood pressure and heart diseases.

  1. Be on the move

Japanese advise that you avoid sedentary life and be more physically active. Namely, experts say that 2 hours of walking a day may prolong one’s life for whole 7 years.

  1. Do not avoid “good” bacteria

Numerous studies have shown that the “good” bacteria boost immunity. Japanese menus include fermented products that speed up the growth of beneficial bacteria in the bowels.

  1. Have medical examinations regularly

Last but not least, Japanese claim that prevention is extremely important. Therefore, you should undergo a complete medical examination at least once a year.

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