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How To Naturally Treat Toothache And Tooth Infection? –

Terrible toothache is something that nobody would want to encounter with. But still when it occurs it must be cured. Tooth decay, damage or loss teeth or removing certain tooth can cause toothache.

Now you can naturally treat toothache by using the following combination.

1. Oregano oil (for topical and internal use)

2. Colloidal silver local, internal and for rinsing

3. Warm salt water for additional rinsing

4. Wild oregano oil

5. Put few drops of wild oregano oil under your tongue. Let the oil acts for several minutes and then rinse with colloidal silver. Repeat the procedure on every hour.
6. Spit the colloidal silver and then swallow a little bit (up to 250ml once a day)

7. Gently rub the colloidal silver in the area around your teeth
8. After several minutes, gently rub the oregano oil in the area around the gums.

9. Rinse your oral cavity with warm salt water (sea salt is recommended) and then massage the gums with oregano oil.

Other natural remedies that you can also try to naturally treat toothache:


Cut a piece of ginger root and remove its peel. Place the piece in the area of the affected tooth and bite down. Keep it for a while and the pain will calm down. The rest of the ginger put it in a container to replace the piece in your mouth.

Essential clove oil

Essential clove oil helps to remove the toothache. Eugenol, the aromatic chemical from the clove, it is known that kills bacteria and alleviates pain. Soak a cotton wool with olive oil and apply it the area of the inflamed tooth. Repeat the procedure if it is necessary.

Black cumin oil

You will need one tablespoon of black cumin oil (Nigella Sativa) and ½ teaspoon of vinegar. Cook the mixture on fire and then let it to cool out for a while. Rinse your mouth with the mixture on every two hours until the pain and swelling are gone.

If you have toothache use cold compresses or other cold stuff such as jar, bottle water. Thus you will temporarily relieve the annoying pain.

Note: If the pain does not go away in the following days or gets worse, see a dentist immediately.

source: naturalhealthcareforyou.com

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