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Here’s How to Lose Excess Weight While at Work!

In many companies the employees purchase fast food because they do not have time to consume something healthy. Usually they consume greasy and fatty foods that can be eaten quickly, and make them feel saturated. Pizza, pies, burgers … the list of unhealthy food is too long. During the working day you need food that will saturate you, and will give you the energy needed to get through the day. So here are some basic rules about healthy eating while on work.

  1. What to eat for breakfast?

Select whole-grain products and yogurt, and for snack you can take muesli in a jar and buy 1/2 L of milk. Equally good idea is a healthy spread, toasted bread and a fruit.

 You can prepare your breakfast and snack the night before going to work or in the morning. You can make healthy spreads (which can remain in the refrigerator for several days) and you only need to buy toasted bread or wholegrain muffins. If you are used to consuming unhealthy foods the transition period will be difficult, and that is why you need to keep legumes near your desk, like dried fruit and similar healthy snacks in case of craving for fast food.
  1. Unhealthy habits

Avoid eating breakfast while working. It is better to go out in a fresh air or in a restaurant. We know that you have no time, but the work will not be finished sooner if you eat while working, only you’ll gain weight quickly because you can control what and how much you eat.

Certainly avoid sweets, chocolates and other things “that will boost the energy and concentration.” Drink a glass of water, take a break, consume some grapes or dried cranberries and you will be much more productive.

  1. Holiday treats

Sometimes colleagues from work, especially in winter, bring various sweet treats. It can be someones birthday, birth of a child … of course you do not want to offend your colleague but that does not mean you have to try from everything especially from all kind of sweats. Take a glass of juice, and congratulate which will be enough.

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