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Health Benefits of Lettuce

Lettuce is a leafy green vegetable that can be included in your diet in a number of ways. It belongs in almost any salad because of how cheap it is and the numerous health benefits of lettuce. Given all the great things that lettuce can do for your body here are the top five health benefits of lettuce.


Eating lettuce is a great way to reduce your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is dangerous because it can lead to a number of problems including cardiovascular disease, strokes, and heart attacks. There was a study performed on mice who were fed lettuce to see how it affected their fat and cholesterol levels. The results of the study showed that the cholesterol levels of the mice who were fed lettuce was much lower than the levels of those that weren’t. The cause of this cholesterol reducing power is that lettuce stimulates lipid peroxidation.

Your neurons are the physically pathways in your brain. The main cause of memory loss is neuron damage and death, particularly in certain areas of the brain. If you suffer from significant neuron damage then you will develop neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Lettuce has been shown to reduce neuron cell death because of the role it plays in glucose/serum deprivation. Eating lettuce can protect your brain from these debilitating neurodegenerative diseases.

Lettuce has been used as a traditional medicine for many years now and one of the primary uses for lettuce was inducing sleep. Lettuce extract has been analysed and shown to contain a depressant chemical which can cause a sedative effect. It also reduces heart rate by reducing how often your ventricles contract. It works through blocking the signal that excites your neural and muscular tissue.

People have been making use of the neurological properties of lettuce for centuries now and there has been plenty of evidence to show that lettuce has properties that make it anxiolytic, which basically means that it makes you less anxious. Lab animals were fed extracts from lettuce and the result was a reduction in their locomotive activity; showing the anxiolytic properties of this leafy green.

The extract from lettuce have been shown to help control certain cancers. Research has been done on leukemia and breast cancer cells in particular showing that lettuce extract was able to control these cancers and stop them from developing. The researchers were even able to conclude how much lettuce it would take to kill half of leukemia cells; 3KG. It’s a lot of lettuce when you think about it, but there’s no denying the power of all that lettuce.

It’s super simple to get more lettuce into your diet. Make it a part of a healthy vegetable salad or add it to your sandwiches. It doesn’t matter how you get the lettuce into your diet; what matters is that you do it. Your body will thank you for it.

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