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Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

There are so many health benefits of lemon juice it’s a wonder that more people aren’t using it when making food and drinks. It goes great with just about anything and, while it is sour, you can mix it with water or make home-made lemonade so you can’t tell you’re drinking it. Here are just five of the best health benefits of lemon juice.


Lemon Juice Prevents Kidney Stones
Studies have shown that drinking half a cup of lemon juice raises your citrate levels, which can protect you against kidney stones. Kidney stones can be a real health problem and passing them is never easy. It’s best to just prevent them from forming in the first place. If you already have kidney stones then getting some lemon juice can help shrink them before you attempt to pass them.

Lemon Juice Balances pH levels
Even though lemons seem fairly acidic (they contain a lot of citric acid after all), they are actually a very alkaline food. Getting more lemons in your diet helps balance the pH levels of your body and push it a little further in the alkaline direction. There are people who swear by alkaline foods because bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. At the very least lemons can balance your pH levels and stop your body from being too acidic, which is a problem in itself.

Lemon Juice is Great for High Blood Pressure
If you have heart problems then you need more lemon juice in your diet. This is because lemon juice is packed with potassium, which the body uses to control high blood pressure, nausea and dizziness. Thanks to this it calms down the mind and the body and is also a great natural aid for mental stress and depression.

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