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He Beat Cancer Completely Treated Himself Using This Recipe!

33 year old David Hibbitt, got cancer of the small intestine. Doctors predicted him to live only 18 more months…
Now he is completely cured, embraces life and is happy with his wife.

33 year old David claims that his life is extended thanks to the miraculous oil of cannabis, which cost about £ 50 from local dealers.

Friends convinced him to begin therapy with cannabis oil, but he refused because he did not want drugs. However, after the burdensome chemotherapy, he decided to try it since he did not have anything else to lose, and wanted to reconcile with the fact that he is going to die.bitter-melon-as-a-support-in-the-treatment-of-cancer

After hard chemotherapy and radiotherapy a surgery on the small intestine followed in March 2013, but it was unsuccessful. The only thing that helped him was cannabis.

Once he discovered that he beat cancer, he married his longtime girlfriend Heather.

British Institute for Prevention of Cancer stated that they were aware that patients use cannabis as a medicine, but still there is no evidence for its efficacy and safety.

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