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Grape Seed Extract More Effective than Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy compared to the healing powers of the bioactive compounds contained in grape seed extract (GSE) seems as a quite archaic way of healing cancer, especially if we have in mind the fact that those who suffer from cancer can experience cancer recurrence after the treatment of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and this cancer can be 10 times stronger than the one with which they were previously diagnosed.


The continual increase of people suffering from colorectal cancer, which is diagnosed in more than 130 000 people each year in the U.S. alone, has made scientists investigate new ways and treatments for this type of cancer. A recent research at the Cancer Research Center in Colorado, has proven that grape seed extract prevents tumor cells from spreading and causes their extinguishment. This study has been published in the medicinal magazine Cancer Letters.

Scientists believe that those who have colorectal cancer will soon be able to abandon chemotherapy. According to Molly Derry, a Phd candidate at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, even though the bioactive compounds in GSE have been known to “selectively target many types of cancer cells”, the research has shown that the mutations of colorectal cancer cells are “sensitive to treatment with GSE” and that this extract inhibts their metastasizing. (Sundem, 2014)

The researchers performed their experiments on colorectal cancer cells and they explain that GSE attacks the manifold cell mutations in order to eliminate their spreading through the whole body. Moreover, GSE does not attack healthy cells but targets only those advanced colorectal cancer cells. Furthermore, GSE can have a great effect on stage IV cancer cells. Just 150 or 250 miligrams of GSE a day can have great prophylactic effect on colorectal cancer as well as on many other health diseases.



Garth, S. (2013, January 16). As colorectal cancer gets more aggressive, treatment with    grapeseed extract is even more effective. University of Colorado Cancer Center.

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