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Ginger Pear Drink – Amazing Cleaner That Flush Out Toxins

In this article we will show you how to prepare a great pear-ginger drink that will strengthen your immune system and flush out pesky toxins that are making you sick in the first place.

You might have heard about the health benefits of ginger, but now you can combine those effects with the effects of sweet pears. Since pears are currently in season there’s never been a better time to try this drink.

Ginger Pear Drink – Amazing Cleaner That Flush Out Toxins_dailyhealthyfoodtips

Medical research has shown the power of this combination. It’s a great way to cleanse out and strengthen your body. The sweet and juicy pears are a great source of dietary fiber that has positive benefits for the cardiovascular and digestive systems.



  • 3 peeled and cleaned pears
  • 2 thin circles of ginger
  • ½ cucumber
  • ½ peeled lemon

Put everything in a juicer and blend it together well. Strain the mixture afterwards and it’s ready to be drank.

This drink is an ideal solution to your detoxing problems and it’s also a fabulous fat burner. It’s best to drink the mixture before or after a meal. You shouldn’t use this as a meal replacement.

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