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Get Rid Of Any Type of Pain Within 15 Minutes!

Finger massage

This is another interesting and simple method for the coordination of  your body. Find out how to cure all types of pain in your body only with a help of a finger.

If you want to act on every organ separately, just press the finger for 3-5 minutes and you will  feel the difference immediately .

Get Rid Of Any Type of Pain Within 15 Minutes!

  1. Thumb

The organs: stomach and spleen

Emotions: depression and anxiety

Physical symptoms: pain in the stomach and headache

  1. Index finger

The organs: kidneys and urinary tract

Emotions: disappointment and fear

Physical symptoms: toothache, muscle and back pain

  1. Middle finger

The organs: gallbladder and bile

Emotions: anger and indecision

Physical emotions: migraine, problems with blood circulation and menstrual pains

  1. Ring finger

The organs: colon and breasts

Emotions: sorrow and negative thoughts

Physical symptoms: respiratory problems

  1. Little finger

Organs: heart and ears

Emotions: anxiety and lack of self-respect

Physical symptoms: pain in the bones, stomach, throat and heart

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