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Get Rid of Anger and Frustration with This Simple Exercise

This exercise is called simha kriya, but some call it either the lion’s yawn or the lion’s roar. You can do it either as a yawn or as a roar, whichever way you prefer. It will release you from your anger and frustrations and will help you deal with emotional tension. Besides this, this exercise will massage your vocal cords, larynx, tonsils, and the other throat organs, by bringing fresh blood in them and improving their overall condition.  Simha kriya stimulates the blood flow to the tonsils and thereby flushes out accumulated toxins. Therefore, it is considered a powerful technique for preventing and often removing tonsillitis.


How to do this exercise?

Kneel down on your knees, separate them about 45 cm, and put the toes of both of your feet together.  Lean forwards with your upper body, place your hands on the floor between your thighs, while your fingers should be pointing backwards. While you keep your arms straight, bend your back forward a little, and move your head backwards so that you stretch out your neck and get a comfortable amount of tension in it If it is hard for you to do this exercise on your knees, you can also do it by sitting in a ‘Turkish style’, or by sitting on a chair with your hands on your thighs. You should either close your eyes or focus on a certain point in front of you. In addition, your mouth should be closed, while your tongue should be folded backwards and its tip should touch the soft palate. First, inhale slowly through the nose, and then relax your tongue, open your mouth wide and extend your tongue outwards and towards the chin as far as possible. Slowly exhale and simultaneously make a steady, loud sound from the throat (an ‘aaah’ sound).When you are finished with exhalation, close your mouth again, press the tongue against the palate of the mouth, and breathe in. During this exercise, you should be fully concentrated on the point you’ve chosen. For optimal results, repeat this exercise 5-10 times a day. You can practice it at any time during the day.

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