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Fruits Which Give Us Energy

By the end of the day , after a tough time we get exhausted. It happens because  we have burned all reserves of energy. If you want to keep an ideal weight, and want to have enough strength until the end of the day, we  recommend you  to choose healthy fruits for dinner instead of oily foods . Remember that dinner should not be ample and later than 8 pm . Here is a list of six fruits  which will give you the necessary energy.

1. Banana:

Every sports coach will encourage you to eat bananas to increase energy levels before exercise. Bananas are a good source of carbohydrates , and remain at the top of this list of great fruits which increase the level of energy.

This fruit is refreshing and contains vitamin C. Water content in watermelon is like an oasis in the desert, and it helps you to stay hydrated.

3. Apples :Apples are a great source of slow release energy, plus they contain vitamin B and C and potassium, and it gives you enough energy for the rest of the day.


Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C and energy. In addition, oranges contain phosphorus, minerals and fiber for healthy functioning of your body.

5. Papaya:

Papaya is a very good fruit as it improves immunity, builds energy and provides anti-inflammatory benefits.

6. Mango:

Mango is the king of the fruits . It’s rich with vitamins B and C, calcium, potassium, zinc and proteins.


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