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Foods You Can Safely Eat Past their Expiry Date

It should never feel right to waste food. Anybody will be shocked at the quantity of food being wasted all over the world over the number of kids that eat a meal a day.

We always worry when we accidentally eat foods beyond their expiration date. Fear not, we just have the right list of food that you can safely eat past their expiry date.


A lengthy shelf life is one of the advantages of bottled mustard. It can last up to one year even when opened and stored in the refrigerator.

Soft Drinks

You can still safely sip a diet soda four months past its expiration date. Regular soda on the other hand can last up to a long nine months before the break down of artificial sweeteners.


It is never recommended to gulp down on chicken a couple of days after the best before date. However, a chicken breast package when cooked well, can last up to 9 months when carefully frozen.


Cereals can be safely consumed months after its due date. They may get stale when exposed to air but still, when properly stored, can last past beyond its expiration date.

Hard Cheeses

Cheddar cheese is safe to eat four weeks after it was opened.

Potato Chips

Besides the factor that the crisp factor might be gone, these chips are safe to consume months after their due date, highly processed as they are.


Best before dates are stretched out when beef is cooked well. It can last up to five days beyond its expiration date.


Its shelf-life can be extended four months after the due date. The only condition is that it is stored in the preferred room temperature.

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