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Fix holes in your clothes with this easy tutorial

Fix-hole-in-your-clothAs much as we try to avoid it, there always comes a time when you need to fix holes in your clothes. Sometimes you may think that there is no hope, but this easy do-it-yourself tutorial will allow you to fix holes in all of your garments more easily than you ever thought possible. While I do get the occasional snag in something of mine, these tips come in handy much more when it comes to my childrens’ clothing. It’s always good to know how to repair something, as it saves you money! There are several things that you need to use this repair method. And although it seems like a lot, don’t be scared! The instructions seem really involved but it’s just very thorough.

You don’t have to be a master seamstress to be able to pull this repair off, I promise! Once you go through the entire process a time or two, you will become a pro and be able to fix holes in all of your clothes. You want to start off by gathering your supplies. They include matching thread, scrap fabric, lightweight fusible, pinking shears or scissors, and a sewing machine, but make sure it can sew in reverse. You also need an iron and ironing board. Don’t run away! I know you’re thinking this sounds too hard to do, but I promise it’s not! Following this method to fix holes in all of your clothes will be totally worth it, I promise! It works so well that you may have people asking you to fix their clothes, you could start your own business! Okay, maybe I’m going overboard, but this do-it-yourself way to fix holes in your clothes is pretty amazing!

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