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Find Symptoms In Chinese Medicine of sorrow and anger

According to Chinese medicine, each organ represents a certain emotion. Emotions are a major cause of diseases. The Chinese believe that the elements earth, water, air, fire and metal are present in every human body.

For good health it is important to maintain balance between these elements.

– Red eyes: red eyes indicate problems related to the liver.Hoarse voice: when you have a hoarse voice it means that the energy in the lungs is low.

– Yellow face: Yellowness on the face indicates you have a lack of blood and energy in your spleen.

– If a woman cannot get pregnant she may be facing kidney problems.

According to Chinese medicine emotions are the main cause for development of diseases and each organ is linked to certain emotion.

– Lungs – sorrow

– Liver – rage

– Kidneys – fear

– Stomach – worry

Of course, every organ needs its own flavor. The lungs require spices and pungent, liver requires sour, spleen needs something sweet, kidneys require salty. Chinese doctors claim that the organs have their own way of energy. That energy is called “chi” and it depends on the blood. They also argue that blood is the mother of energy and blood controls energy.

Kidneys-Body’s central organ

According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the most important organ and represent the basis of yin and yang, as the energy center of the body. Kidneys are associated with skeleton, hearing and fear.

Treatment the kidney affects all body systems. In Chinese medicine, each organ is associated with the weather, which means that each season is corresponding to certain organs.

Liver: Wind lives in the liver and this is why it can sometimes cause headache and dizziness.

One of the most important functions of the liver is to facilitate the circulation of energy, and “implant” fresh and clear thoughts throughout the body. People with a healthy liver are peaceful, easygoing and good leaders. Problems with liver directly affect the physical and emotional state.

In Chinese medicine it is believed that the discordance is related to anger, stubbornness and violence. If liver problems do not manifest through emotions, they cannot be solved. The result is depression and mood disorder.

The most common symptoms of this syndrome are fatigue, menstrual problems, stress, and allergies.


Chinese Medicine: Sorrow Is Linked To Lungs And Rage To The Liver

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