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Extreme makeover: Mashed potato

Traditional mashed potato has lashings of cream and butter. But you don’t need these additions to get great mash.

Our tips for creamy, healthy mash:

  • Use the right spuds. Look for ‘floury’ on the bags – Agria, Ilam Hardy or Red Rascal. Don’t expect to get great mash from ‘all-purpose’ or ‘waxy’ potatoes.
  • Don’t over-mash. A quick mash with a masher followed by a whisk with a fork should be enough to get your mash to come together. If you’re really dedicated to mashed potatoes, a potato ricer is a fantastic gadget to own.
  • Instead of butter and cream, try a dash of olive oil, a splash of trim milk and a spoonful of lite sour cream. Don’t forget the white pepper and salt, and you’ll have beautifully flavoured, creamy mash.


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