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How To Expand Your Tight Shoes: Great Trick!

Tight shoes are quite uncomfortable, especially if they are brand new. Luckily, there is no need to worry as there is an easy way to stretch out your new shoes.

How To Expand Your Tight Shoes Great Trick!

However, it is important to mention that this trick works better on leather shoes. Even though you can do the trick on shoes made from artificial leather as well, you will have to repeat the procedure after a certain period of time.

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First, take two plastic bags with zip-lock, as you need bags which can be sealed. Fill quarter of the bags with water and then place them inside the shoes. When done, put the shoes in the freezer.

When the water is completely frozen, take the shoes out from the freezer and let them sit for about twenty minutes, allowing the ice to melt. Ultimately, remove the bags from the shoes and dry them using a hairdryer.

This trick is really amazing and it works wonders when it comes to stretching out your shoes! In fact, it can expand the shoes up to a whole shoe size.

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