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Egyptian Cream for Eternal Youth: Erase Wrinkles for Good! (Recipe)

Here is a recipe for Egyptian homemade cream that will make your skin forever young.

Egyptian women are known for their body and facial care. Surely you know that the Egyptian queens bathed in milk and some makeup products were invented in their palaces.

Egyptian Cream for Eternal Youth Erase Wrinkles for Good! (Recipe)

Ancient Egypt was famous for its beautiful women with perfectly nourished skin and beautiful and healthy hair. Although they did not have expensive products, creams and lotions that modern women can find in every store, they knew how to use the gifts from nature in order to stay young and beautiful, something today’s women can only dream of.

Culture, which embalmed their pharaohs in order to preserve their bodies in death, was naturally paying more attention on youth and beauty of the facial skin.

Here is the recipe for Egyptian homemade cream for eternal youth of your skin.


  • Half a teaspoon of bee pollen (available in well-stocked health food stores)
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 20g beeswax,
  • 2-3 drops of propolis tincture,
  • 70 ml of oil by choice (olive, almond, coconut oil, grape …)


Pour the beeswax into a clean jar and pour oil over it. Set aside a small amount of oil. Mix the other ingredients in a deeper pot until you get a thick paste.

In the microwave heat the wax and oil to melt. Then add it into the previously prepared mixture and mix well to form a creamy paste.

Put it in a container and your cream is ready to use!

If you are uncomfortable with the strong smell of honey and propolis you can add a few drops of essential oil. Apply the cream before bed and in the morning you will get up with, soft and hydrated skin.

Close the cream after each use and it can last for a few months.

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