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Drank Honey Lemon Water for 1 Year – This Is What Happened

First of all, to do this experiment, Crystal used all natural ingredients. No chemist-bought, artificial packets or fake honeys. She worked with raw honey and fresh lemon juicedownload (6). She does admit skipping some days, but, all in all, she tried to follow the protocol as diligently as possible.

After 1 year, these were the main things she noticed:

  1. During the 12 months she was drinking her morning concoction, Crystal developed no cold, flu or digestive problem. There were days when she felt slightly run down, low in energy or had a light headache. However, in the whole year, no illness materialized. She described that as particularly surprising, as she is known to frequently suffer from maladies and bugs attack her readily.
  1. She no longer craved coffee in the morning. It seemed that honey and lemon replaced her need for caffeine. Her new choice of a morning drink came with an additional bonus: no caffeine crash or headache.
  1. She became a morning person. The new morning habit also resulted in a new morning rhythm. Instead of feeling grumpy, Crystal reports feeling energetic and ready to start the day upon waking up.
  1. The potion helped others as well. Crystal introduced her morning drink to other members of her family. They, too, had positive experience and reduced their sick days

    Recipe for Honey Lemon Water

    1. Boil some water and let it cool a little in a mug.
    2. Add fresh juice of half a lemon (beginners can start with a smaller dose of a quarter of a lemon). For best results, use organic fruits.
    3. Mix in raw, organic, unpasteurized honey (you can experiment with different flavors). Add the honey after the water had cooled down as the heat will destroy the nutrients in the honey.
    4. To drink immediately, you can add in a little bit of cold water.
    5. Enjoy the drink as soon as you wake up.

    Some of the Benefits of Honey Lemon Water

    • This drink hydrates and cleanses the digestive system. Thus, it prevents constipation and keeps infections at bay.
    • It acts as a diuretic and flushes the body. This helps to prevent urinary tract infections.
    • The mix also nourishes your liver and helps with body detox.
    • It’s great for maintaining a healthy weight.
    • It makes your skin glow. The combination is particularly good for making you look healthy and youthful – it provides you with collagen and antibacterial nutrients

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