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Do You Know What You’ll Get If You Mix Soda and Honey? You Will Be Surprised!

Take three teaspoons a day from this mixture and you will be astonished one month later when you see the results.

We are well aware that cancer cells feed from sugar, and if we think about mixing soda with honey or maple syrup it may sound crazy, but believe us it’s not. Combined with soda the sugar does not react in the same way. The sugar from the honey or maple syrup goes to the cancer cells and with it so does the soda. But when this mixture enters the cells they don’t use the sugar to grow because the soda has a neutralizing effect and it neutralizes them.


To prepare this mixture you’ll need soda and honey or maple syrup. Mix the soda with the honey/maple syrup in a ratio 1 to 3, that is one part soda three parts honey/maple syrup. Heat it up on low heat and mix it for ten minutes. The mixture should be consumed for a period of one month, three teaspoons a day. While you take this mixture you should not eat sugar, meat and white flour in order for the treatment to be effective.

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