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Does Chili Really Contribute for Longer Life?

Include more fresh and dried chili pepper in your diet because regular consummation of chili food is related with reduced risk of death caused by cancer, heart or lung disease and diabetes. The subjects in a research who ate chili food almost every day, had 14% reduced risk of death compared to subjects who consumed chili food less than once in a week. This relation is same in both, the men and the women, and is more expressed in people who consume alcohol.


According to a study published in British Medical Journal, the regular consummation of chili food is related with reduced risk of death caused by weak heart, cancers and respiratory diseases which is more expressed in women than in men. Dry and fresh chili peppers are mostly used chili spices by the people who have reported that consumed chili food during the week. International team of experts in the Chinese Academy for Medical Sciences researched the connection between eating chili food as addition in our daily diet and the general risks and causes of death.

They study included 487,375 participants aged between 30-79 years of age. All of the participants filled a questionnaire about their diet, physical condition and consummation of chili food, red meat, vegetable and alcohol. In comparison with the participants who eat chili food less than once in a week, the participants who consume chili food once or twice a week had 10% reduced risk of death.

Those who eat chili food three to five or even every day of the week, had 14% reduced risk of dying. “It seems like some of the bioactive ingredients in the chili are movers in this connection”, the authors explain. They also explained that the fresh chili is richer with capsaicin, vitamin C and other useful nutrients.

The authors encourage the other scientists to engage in these studies, because it can result with modern dietary recommendations and increased development of the functional foods”. Previous researches proved that the beneficial effects of the chili foods and their bioactive ingredient known as capsaicin have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. They are rich source of antioxidants which promote weight loss.

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