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Chamomile And Cinnamon – Natural Remedy For Diabetes !

The daily consumption of chamomile tea combined with meals of healthy foods can help you prevent several complications caused by diabetes.

The findings are based on experiments in which extracts of chamomile were given to rats which are suffering from diabetes for a period of 21 days. Rats that received a supplement of chamomile showed a significant reduction of the glucose level in the blood

This extract also showed that it is effective in inhibiting certain enzymes associated with complications of diabetes. Some of the complications of diabetes include loss of vision and nerve and kidney damage.

Cinnamon is a mandatory spice for every types of diabetic! Is there anyone who can resist the wonderful aroma and taste of cinnamon? Cinnamon has preventive effect against cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

According to recent research by U.S. scientists, cinnamon can lower the blood sugar by 20%. Besides that, cinnamon has anti-fungal activity and can destroy fungal infections or prevent them from growing. chamomile_tea

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