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Celery and lemon – Natural Drink To Melt Fat Easily & Lower Cholesterol

With some natural ingredients and a blender you can make your own natural drinks for melting fat. Celery and lemon are the perfect combination to ease digestion and burn through fat. This drink soothes your aching stomach after eating foods that can damage the digestive tract.


The best thing is there are only two ingredients and there’s a good chance you have them at home already.



  • 14oz/400 grams of celery root
  • 2lbs/1kg of lemons

Shred the celery root and add 2 liters of water, along with the shredded lemon peel. Cook the mixture for around 20 minutes and let it cool for 5-6 hours. Juice the lemons and add the juice to the mixture. Use a sieve to strain the mixture into glass bottles for storage.

Drink the juice three tiems a day before eating a meal. One dose is 3.3oz/100ml and you can also add water to dilute the juice if you’d like. Remember to store it in your fridge.

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