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CAUTION: You Boil the Same Water Twice? STOP Immediately if You Want to Live LONGER!

Water heating kettle is an integral part of most households.

If you have ever boiled the same water more times you have to know that it is harmful. A lot of people put to boil water for coffee, and then later boil the same water again if necessary. Healthy food teams claim that such water is very dangerous for our health, and warns that it is not advisable to do it so. The water should be poured out and fresh one should be used for cooking.

CAUTION, You Boil the Same Water Twice,STOP Immediately if You Want to Live LONGER!

Boiling water is safer to drink, because harmful substances come out and evaporate and also certain gases that may be in it, but if you boil it twice, then the second time you will destroy all the good that remains in the water.

If the water is cooked for too long or if you boil it several times, its chemical ingredients are changed, and the healthy minerals will become harmful. This will create scales in the container which are made from the calcium in the water, and may cause problems with kidney stones.


Nitrate can be found all over the earth, that is, in water, air and soil, and it will become potentially dangerous if is exposed to high temperatures, such as boiled water. High temperatures will convert nitrates into nitrosamines which are carcinogenic, and actually connects them with ovarian, colon cancer, pancreatic, esophageal and stomach cancer.


Many studies were conveyed about fluoride in water and they have shown that it can pose a serious risk to our health; more specifically can have a negative impact on neurological and cognitive development in children. The journal “Environment Health Sciences” published a study that found that the presence of fluoride in water is linked to lower IQ in children. Fluorine is also associated with low fertility in humans, which is shown in study conducted on mice in 2013.


The World Health Organization claims that the greatest danger in drinking water is arsenic which leads to poisoning, problems with the digestive organs, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and various other harmful consequences.

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