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Healthy Food

How Nano Technology is Changing Farming for the Better


Utilizing nanotechnology to improve the water quality is an innovative way of improving crop nutrition, improving our natural health. Abrupt changes in the weather are only one of the many reasons why farming is getting more and more difficult. Crops produced are of lower quality with less nutritional value, and …

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This Is What Will Happen to Your Body If You Eat Stalk of Celery A Day


Maybe it’s not your favorite food, but celery is one of the healthiest vegetables. If you didn’t eat it often because of its taste, start eating it by combining with other vegetables, it will become more pleasant for eating, and you will get tons of health benefits from this green …

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7 Ways to Make Water Taste Better


Not everybody has a taste for water, but we all need it to ensure that our bodies continue functioning properly. If you want to drink more water, but aren’t crazy about the taste (or lack thereof), here are some tips that can make it more enjoyable: 1. Add fresh fruit. …

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Old Tibetan Tea For Long Life


The following is a brilliant tea recipe that is used a lot in Tibetan medicine and is believed to provide you with plenty of health benefits. Ingredients: 2 liters of water 5 grams of ground ginger 2 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice 2 tablespoon of natural honey 1 pinch of …

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Celery and lemon – Natural Drink To Melt Fat Easily & Lower Cholesterol


With some natural ingredients and a blender you can make your own natural drinks for melting fat. Celery and lemon are the perfect combination to ease digestion and burn through fat. This drink soothes your aching stomach after eating foods that can damage the digestive tract. The best thing is …

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Health Benefits of Lemon Juice


There are so many health benefits of lemon juice it’s a wonder that more people aren’t using it when making food and drinks. It goes great with just about anything and, while it is sour, you can mix it with water or make home-made lemonade so you can’t tell you’re …

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Lemon & Parsley – It Lowers Cholesterol Effectively And Burns Fat


Everyone knows how healthy lemon and parsley are but not enough people are combining them. Together they are greater than the sum of their parts. Eating parsley on a regular basis will vastly improve your health. Most people use it as a garnish and to enhance the flavor of foods …

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Cinnamon and Cloves – Lower Blood Sugar And Triglycerides

The recipe we have for you today has been used for years and people still enjoy the health benefits of it to this day. It can help you control your blood sugar levels and aid in natural weight loss. Ingredients: 2 sticks of cinnamon 1 tablespoon of cloves 50oz/1.5l of …

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The Most Efficient Alkalizing Detox Soup Recipe

Dr. Henry Bieler is a prominent American physician as well as being the author of the book “Food is Your Best Medicine”. In his book he outlines how you can treat various diseases with proper diet. He is a firm believer in the idea that the body has everything it …

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The pickles can be found in various forms, sizes and flavors. You can either love them or hate them. I will present to you the six reasons that should convince you to keep the water from pickles next time you eat them. THE WATER FROM PICKLES RELIEVES SICKNESS Hot and …

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