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Attention: The Same Plastic Bottle Shouldn’t be Used Twice!

– The bottle is a hotbed of bacteria

Plastic bottles are necessary fashion accessories during the summer months. They are easy to transport water and other refreshments when is hot. Experts warn that the problem arises when the same bottle is used multiple times.

Attention, The Same Plastic Bottle Shouldn’t be Used Twice

  1. The bottle is a hotbed of bacteria

During the summer heat the bacteria multiply quickly, so special attention you should pay on accessories used for eating and drinking. “The most dangerous” part of the plastic bottle is its opening on which we put our mouth, because the germs are transmitted from the oral cavity on the uneven parts of the plastic and multiply there.

After repeated use of the same plastic bottle, it gets more damaged which attracts bacteria.

  1. Because of the heat, dangerous chemicals are being released

To prevent the spread of bacteria, the plastic bottle should be washed with warm water and detergent. In order to get rid of bacteria, many clean the bottle with boiling water (or even put the bottle in the machine for washing dishes) which results in negative consequences.

Plastic bottle should not be exposed to high temperatures because of the life threatening chemicals that are discharged.

  1. The best thing is to use the bottle only once

Plastic water and juice bottles that are sold in the markets should be used only once. In the shops there are specialized bottles for multiple use which are produced in a different way, but are not 100% sure.

If you want to avoid bacteria, select bottles with a wider opening that is easier to clean.

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