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Amazing – Homemade Tincture Immediately Prevents a Heart Attack

According to Dr. Richard Schulz, the heart attack can be prevented with a simple but powerful produce-cayenne peppers (the most famous type of chili pepper), in just a minute! If someone at home has a week heart, keep this powerful pepper always at hand. How to prevent heart attack using cayenne chili pepper?

This produce has been studied for a long time, and among the most eminent researchers is Dr. Richard Schulz. All share the astonishment of the healing properties that these peppers possess.

American herbalist Dr. Christopher in his 35 year long career, thanks to this herb, has never lost a patient who suffered from a heart attack. He used cayenne pepper tea (a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of water) in patients who were still conscious. After a minute, they were all alive and safe.

What makes these claims even more relevant, is the fact that these doctors speak from their own experience.

There are several types of treatments with cayenne peppers, and some of them are quite effective.

The most important about this pepper is that it has a minimum of 90,000 Scoville units on the measurement scale (Scoville Heat Units- SHU). For example, the equally hot varieties are Habanero, African Bird, Thai Chi, Jamaican hot pepper, Jalapeno, Scotch Bonnet. You can find them in major supermarkets or health food stores.

In case you have this chili pepper, you need to give the patient a drink prepared with one teaspoon of cayenne peppers mixed in a glass of water, of course, if the patient is breathing and is conscious.

If the patient is unconscious, then you can use cayenne pepper extract, but keep in mind that it has a minimum of 90,000 Scoville units. Apply a few drops under his tongue.

Cayenne pepper is a powerful stimulant, without opiate effects. It causes increased heart rate and allows proper order of blood flow through the body and in this way it improves the circulation. It has hemostatic properties, instantly stops the bleeding from wounds and helps in the heart recovery.

Remember, many healers claim they have never lost a patient due to the above mentioned procedure.

The best recipe for the cayenne pepper tincture according to Dr. Schulz:

The tincture prepared from the following recipe is the best in case of a heart attack. Note: do not use ordinary hot pepper, just cayenne pepper which is the most famous type of chili peppers, and are mostly grown in India and South America. Chili peppers grow on a bushy plant, and unlike the ordinary pepper they are perennials.

Grind chili pepper is 20 times hotter than the ordinary pepper because it contains more capsaicin. It is interesting also to point out that the smallest fruit is the hottest. Purchase only the above described plant.


– Cayenne pepper powder

-a few fresh cayenne peppers

-50% Alcohol (vodka or some use apple acid if you don’t want alcohol)

-1L glass jar


  1. Put the gloves (because the peppers are really hot)
  2. ¼ of the jar should be filled with Cayenne pepper powder. Pour sufficient alcohol to cover the powder.
  3. Blend several whole, fresh peppers with alcohol to get a mixture as a pasta or sauce.
  4. Add this mixture in the jar, to fill up the jar.
  5. Add alcohol and close it. Shake several times during the day.
  6. Wait for two weeks, and then strain through gauze. Keep it closed, in a dark, glass bottle.
  7. If you want super powerful tincture, then strain it after three months.
  8. If stored tightly closed, in a dry place it will never go bad.


If a person suffers a heart attack or stroke, and is till conscious, give 5-10 drops of this tincture. In 5 minutes, repeat the dose. Continue to repeat the treatment until the person condition improves.

If the person is unconscious, apply 1-3 drops under the tongue and start with the reviving. After 5 minutes, repeat the dose. Repeat every 5 minutes until the desired improvement.

Other benefits of Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can also be useful in alleviating pains.

-It has antifungal properties; prevents the fungal pathogens Phomopsis and Colletotrichum.

-It improves digestion because it encourages the gastric juices digestion, and also relieves and reduces gas in the intestines.

-It has certain anticancer properties so especially is recommended for smokers struggling with lung cancer. It is thought that the capsaicin helps in preventing the development of tumors caused by tobacco, and the liver cancer as well.

-Useful against gastric problems, influenza, migraine, allergy, obesity, arthritis and toothache.

Cayenne pepper nutritional value

Experts confirmed a total of 26 nutrients in the Cayenne pepper. Some of the most important minerals in it are: calcium, zinc, selenium and magnesium. Besides minerals Cayenne pepper is also rich in vitamins C and A.

Cayenne pepper is one of the strongest natural spices that are highly beneficial for the heart.

If you have heart disease, always keep Cayenne pepper nearby.

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