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8 Vegetables You Buy Once Then Regrow Forever !

We all know that the easiest way to get vegetables is to go and bye them from the grocery but if you try growing them from kitchen scraps you won’t regret. Even though is time-consuming, the benefits from doing this are numerous. You will save money and the good news is that you do not need to have a farm- you can do it indoors. –8-Vegetables-You-Buy-Once-Then-Regrow-Forever-

Use fresh scarps but do not use something which has been decomposing for weeks. If you decide to grow vegetables make sure to provide them with sufficient amounts of water and light.

1. Scallions

To grow scallions you will need their roots. Put an inch of a scallion with its root in a glass of water. Put the glass in a room with a lot of light


2. Garlic

Grow garlic sprouts from garlic cloves. They have milder flavor than the garlic. You can add them in salads, pasta or in other meals. Put them in a glass with little water after they start to sprout.


3. Bok Choy

After placing the Bok Choy’s root ends in water place it in a room with a lot of light. After 1-2 weeks, place them in a pot with a soil. A new plant will grow.


4. Carrots

You can obtain carrot greens from carrot tops. Put the carrot tops in a bowel with little water. And then place the bowel in a room with a lot of light or on a window edge. Although they are a little bit bitter when chopped with garlic and poured with vinegar can be added in salads.


5. Basil

Use basil cuttings to grow more basil. In a glass of water put basil clippings with 3-4 inches of stems and then place the glass directly in sunlight. Transfer the roots in pots when they grow up to 2 inches long. After some time they will grow into grown basil plants. In order not to get slimy, change the water regularly.


6. Celery

Use the celery bottom for this procedure. After cutting its base off, put it in the sun in a shallow bowel or in a saucer. The leaves will become thick and will grow in the middle and then after 3 days you will need to put them in a soil.


7. Romaine Lettuce

It is grown from the bottom of its head. Fill a container with ½ inch of water and put the stamps from Romaine Lettuce in it. When the new leaves and roots appear transfer them in soil. Its leaves may grow twice of its size. Cabbage can be grown in this way.


8. Cilantro

Place cilantro stems in a glass with water and they will grow. Place them in a pot with soil when its root is long enough and then transfer it in a room with sufficient light. After a few months you will get a fully grown plant.



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