Well, to be a mother feels very soothing. And every pregnant woman becomes a mother when she is eager. So she wants to know the early pregnancy symptoms.

Before becoming a mother like her breasts seem to be showing some signs be heaviness, back pain, etc. are early symptoms of pregnancy. Often it is often not until periods stop, the woman not only shows it is no a moment in her womb.
Today we are told that some early pregnancy symptoms. If it will be something you have to understand is pregnant. Share this article in order to be sure more people knew the symptoms of pregnancy.


Feel heaviness in breathing

Sometimes you may face difficulty in breathing. Often, though, it seems that you think you’ve done a lot of work, so you are feeling tired. You will be breathing heavy, it seems to be so that you are pregnant. Such seems to be the problem again and again

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Heaviness in the breast

When will you get up from sleep in the morning then starts feeling heaviness in the breasts, There is nothing to worry because of the pregnancy seems to be the case. Sometimes you will start to realize that there have been changes in the size of your breasts, around the nipples, and in part will appear dark. But it is disconcerting helpful. At such times you have used the most comfortable bra.


Feeling tired

Feel more fatigue during pregnancy, so that seems to be a change in your hormones. Many women in the early days of pregnancy are the most tired. And their complications increases after a few days.



Women in early pregnancy Nausea is a common problem. Many women in the morning, noon and night even nausea. A time to the food your stomach can easily digest. Nausea is naturally occurring in the body that is caused by the change. The problem of nausea would not continue for long, this problem decreases after the sixth month.


Frequent urination

Repeatedly during pregnancy seems to be the problem of urination. During this time your body produces the fluid which is pressure on your bladder. So you have to urinate frequently.



The early signs of pregnancy are a headache, change in hormones in the body seems to be in this situation. The problem seems to be the cause of migraines. If a time is not right, then you definitely should seek the advice of a doctor.



Be eating distaste

If you feel like more of citrus food items to rest and let it know if anorexia is having symptoms of pregnancy. In the event that you begin to eat and sour distaste for much of the mind seems to be. The body seems to be caused by changes in hormones.


Back pain

Backache during pregnancy is also noticeable. If you have never had this issue before, and these days, so it is a symptom of pregnancy. Then you start to loose your Ligaments a backache is also noticeable. Your weight also increases a time



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