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6 Harmful Habits That You MUST avoid After a Meal!

In order to stay energetic and in good form, besides consuming healthy food, it is necessary to pay attention what you consume after meals as well.

These are a few habits you need to get rid of:

  1. Cigarettes

One of the worst habits is lighting a cigarette after a meal. The effect is similar to smoking 10 cigarettes at the same time.

  1. Fruit

The fruit if it is consumed on an empty stomach immediately begins to digest and exactly this is the reason why is recommended as a snack, but after heavy meals it remains in the stomach and is difficult to be digested. Among others, it can prevent the cellulite appearance.

  1. Tea

Basic substances that are found in tea are theine and tannin. Theine has the same chemical composition as the caffeine. It binds to iron in the body and slows down the digestion. Therefore, it is best to be consumed an hour after a meal.

  1. Swimming

The water stimulates the blood circulation and after meals the blood is concentrated around the stomach where the digestion occurs. Therefore, you shouldn’t go swimming before the food is well digested.

  1. Physical activity

As is the case with swimming, so it is with any other physical activity. In addition, exercising immediately after a meal does not burn calories, but obstructs the digestive function.

  1. Sleep

The night sleep slows down the metabolism. Therefore it is not recommended to lie down immediately after a meal because when metabolism slows down the digestive system cannot function normally.

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